SMART TAGS for Information Technology Co, our choice of the brand name was not a coincidence, but we did a long study about the name that will express what we do, and after proposing several options and reasons for choosing it, we decided to choose the smart tag, as the word TAGS is used in programming codes (HTML Tag, PHP Tag..etc) It is also used in electronic marketing (Tags), i.e. the tags that are used in the content of the site or the page and the promotion of using these tags, as well as the use of the word smart tag or smart elements in some Microsoft products so that the program recognizes through this feature words Or certain types of data and convert it into a hyperlink. We in the smart tags turn ideas into reality. We provide at SMART TAGS websites & apps Development through a professional and experienced team who have a high capabilities & skills, We're in the field since 2005 as a freelancers group (formerly), we provided our services to our success partners from companies, institutions & individuals.

Web & Apps Development

We provide web and smartphone development services and we use the latest technology to build safer and more stable systems for various fields such as informational websites, e-commerce, and resumes.

UI & UX Design

Our great team works to produce magnificent visual feeding & cares about the aesthetic aspect of business and focuses on the user experience so that the final product is mastered in all aspects

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing service provides you a strategy and plan that enables you to communicate and share information that leads to increased awareness of the brand, products, or services.

Influencers Marketing

Through our network of influencers in our social media, we offer influencers marketing and choosing the right influencer for your brand, and preparing advertisement content and marketing content through different channels to reach the targeted segments of this service.


  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Design
  • Swift
  • Kotin


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